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Since 2006, the TravelTECH team has been dealing with the preparation and distribution of IT systems. Over the years, we have been creating solutions mainly for the travel industry. However, our extensive experience and acquired knowledge allow us to go beyond the realm of online travel booking services.

TravelTECH IT systems are distinguished by functionality, usability, flexibility of construction and configuration, exceptional adaptability to specific customer requirements and flexible implementation methods. Our goal is to create high-quality solutions that facilitate and automate the activities performed by our Customers and Partners. We achieve it through continuous development and continuous quality improvement, so that each new version of the system is even more functional and useful.


and websites


Completing commissioned projects and leasing employees


Analysis of indicators and managing
SEM and SEO campaigns

Why us?

We are supported by extensive experience in creating, promoting and maintaining solutions for a specific online industry, which is tourism. We have been acquiring it since 2006. By implementing projects in cooperation with the largest e-commerce websites – both in Poland and around the world, we constantly learn about the needs of the demanding market, and thus our Customers. Based on this knowledge and the latest technological trends, we build fully functional products.




Building online booking systems and sales websites is a specific IT area. It requires extensive knowledge and experience in many specialized fields and close cooperation with the customers. TravelTECH engineers and specialists are experts in most of them, and running IT projects, building systems and solving seemingly impossible tasks gives us all great satisfaction.


From the point of view of the software production process, it is the first stage of work. It requires close cooperation between analysts, UX/UI specialists and managers. A well-prepared project is half of the battle won!


We take care of security already at the design stage. We know how important it is for the data to be processed with the developed solutions. Therefore, on a daily basis, we consciously apply the ISO/IEC 27001/2, PCIDSS and GDRP.


Our server farm, maintained in several independent centers in Poland, in the EU and outside the EU, allows for redundancy of solutions. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the availability of systems at a level above 99%.


We achieve high quality thanks to knowledge and experience. We create systems modularly, with the use of advanced technologies and appropriate design patterns. We act quickly using modern tools.


A stage wrongly overlooked by many software developers. Usually the ideas how to do something better (functionality), easier (quality) and faster (efficiency) appear precisely after the implementation).


Thanks to the experience gained while promoting their own websites, such as EuroPodróż TravelTECH has officially gained the status of Google Partner. This is the best quality guarantee!


TravelTECH is also the creator and operator of the EuroPodróż

The website, dedicated to retail customers, offers the possibility of purchasing cheap train tickets from the largest carriers in Poland and Europe. Via EuroPodróż you can buy a ticket for trains that reach over 20 thousand cities in many European countries, such as: London, Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Toulouse, Nice, Milan, Venice, Amsterdam, Cologne, Strasbourg, Lyon and many others – larger and smaller ones – also available from Polish stations, such as Warsaw, Poznań, Katowice, Kraków and Wrocław. The offer of the cooperating carriers is increasing every year. Thus, the attractiveness of the available rail connections increases. From November 2017, we also offer train tickets of Polish carriers on the most popular routes.

Calendar of events

New company website

Our company website was redesigned again. Its new look, structure and content got a positive response from our customers and partners. We are grateful and invite you to observe the new section – Blog, which will be released soon.

Google Partner Certificate

Obtaining a certificate in the Google Partners program confirms our company's knowledge and experience in the field of Google Ads marketing. The fulfillment of the requirement to maintain advertising expenses in Ads above USD 10,000 per month is also a guarantee that our specialists have practical knowledge and are able to transform it into business success that is achieving the desired ROI.

Europodróże – new payment gateways

In the interest of providing customers with the greatest possible comfort when paying online, we have decided to introduce new methods of paying for train tickets purchased on the EuroPodróże website. Thanks to the cooperation with INGBank, we implemented the imoje payment gateway which allows for easy handling of such payment methods as:

  • BLIK – safe and fast payment using bank's mobile application
  • TWISTO – transaction with a deferred payment date of even up to 21 days
  • PayByLink – secure online transfer from the customer's bank
  • Card payment – secure payment by debit or credit card

Especially the TWISTO payment method is extremely innovative and allows you to buy a ticket with a payment for the ticket deferred for up to 21 days! In this way, customers of the Europodróż website can be sure that, regardless of the balance of funds on their account, they can always buy a ticket in advance and benefit from the most advantageous promotions!


Already some time ago, in order to meet the expectations of our Customers, we started working on an integrated agency platform. Tripbooker is a system prepared primarily for travel agencies and small and medium-sized companies looking for a uniform, central reservation system. The integration of many vendors and cooperation with consolidators allowed us to prepare a comprehensive solution that facilitates not only browsing, but also booking and purchasing services, such as:

  • Flights – traditional and low-cost carriers
  • Hotels
  • Railways – Polish and foreign carriers
  • Rent-a-car

The usability of the system effectively increases the efficiency of consultants, and the central management makes it easier to control the bookings. Importantly – the agent does not need to have signed contracts with all suppliers – just one contract with TravelTECH is enough.

The launch of

The success and positive opinions of the Users of the Polish-language website EuroPodróż which enables the purchase of train tickets in Poland and Europe, convinced us to take a step further. So we decided to reverse the perspective... and this is how the and services were created – dedicated to foreign customers and encouraging them to travel all around Poland!

The website is an English-language website, while is a Russian-language domain dedicated to our eastern neighbors. Both services allow for searching, booking and purchasing train tickets for both Polish and foreign carriers, thus also allowing for traveling to Poland by train.

The intuitive booking system with city hints and a clear interface facilitates easy purchase of an online ticket at the best available price, and the articles describing Polish cities suggest which places are worth seeing and how to move between them in the easiest way.

The Merigo integration

We have expanded the group of suppliers of the hotel offer. This time, we integrated the content of Merigo / Go Global – which have a wide base of Polish hotel facilities. Thanks to this, the hotel modules of our booking platforms – IRS and Tripbooker – will present an even more competitive offer. Merigo / Go Global hotels are a great complement to the consolidators that we have already integrated – HotelsPro, TripNet and the Travelport hotels (Galileo and Worldspan).

We are opening a Call Center

The growing popularity of the railway service – Europodróż – as well as the desire to improve the quality of service for our customers and partners, led us to the decision to launch our very own call center. Since April this year, our consultant colleagues are available to both retail customers and agents. We invite you to cooperate with us.

Europodróż – train tickets

Inspired by the offer of cheap rail tickets of Polish and European carriers prepared for the Tripbooker system, we decided to go a step further. This is how the EuroPodróż website was created, a completely new TravelTECH product – the first one dedicated to the retail customer!

The EuroPodróż service allows you to search, book and purchase train tickets to many parts of Europe, Poland included. The system helps find a convenient connection among the constantly growing offer of the carriers. The intuitive booking system and clear interface facilitate online purchase of a ticket at the best available price and make the whole process simple and pleasant. Please visit the website

new payment gateways

On-line payments are already a standard in e-commerce. In order to meet the expectations of the Customers, IRS enables making such payments in a fast and safe manner. Recently, the spectrum of payment operators whose API has been implemented by our specialists has been significantly expanded. The payment methods they support are instant transfers (pay by link), payments with debit and credit cards (also with 3D Secure). The operators we cooperate with are:

  • Dotpay
  • PayU
  • Six Payment
  • KIR
  • Przelewy24
  • PayByLink
  • Bluemedia
  • FirstData
The Amadeus Integration

We are happy to share the news that we have established cooperation with the most popular GDS system in this region of the world – Amadeus. It is true that the offer of air carriers, including GDS, is similar to that of the others (Worldspan or Galileo), but thanks to the integration, reservations made via the IRS platform may also be available to agents working with Amadeus.

The new premises

Again, changes – this time we focus on modernity. Since June this year, the official seat of TravelTECH is the office at Prof. Michał Życzkowski street 14 (still in Kraków :). The new office is located in the vicinity of Park Lotników in a modern office building of the Kraków Technology Park. We cordially invite you – we have great coffee.

Outsourcing – a new service

Our experience in working on commissioned projects with the participation of external "product owners" allowed us to introduce IT outsourcing and employee leasing services to our offer. It is a very beneficial form of cooperation, especially for those customers who, for various reasons, are looking for contractors for only one project that is limited in time.

The Cooperation with Lufthansa

Thanks to the agreement with Deutsche Lufthansa AG, we have been able to distribute the Lufthansa offer directly in our systems. From now on, all IRS-based solutions have access to airfares available on the Lufthansa Direct Connect Access channel. We encourage you to use this!

The PCI DSS certification for TripGate

In order to meet the expectations of the users of the TripGate system, we have successfully completed its certification in terms of the security of payment processing. Thanks to this certificate, TravelTECH gives the Customers the confidence that the booking systems we provide are in accordance with the security standards issued by the Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council. These standards were created to ensure a high level of security in all environments in which the data of payment cardholders is processed.

The launch of TFM

The TravelTECH Fee Manager (TFM) solution has been prepared as an easy-to-use plug-in for Travelport Smartpoint. TFM saves the calculated transaction fee (commission) in the PNR remarks, automating the work of the airline cashier. The system checks what fee should be added in the remark of a specific PNR by analyzing its parameters, verifying the PCC, and comparing them with the previously introduced transaction fee rules.

TravelTECH in the eSky SA group

We are pleased to announce that, after long negotiations, in May of this year, eSky S.A. became the owner of the majority of the shares in our company. This transaction is, on the one hand, a confirmation of the quality of solutions offered by TravelTECH, and on the other hand, aimed at supporting the work on internal projects of the group.

The new version of the company website

Between new implementations and continuous product improvement, we took the time to give our company website a fresh look and take care of the company's new branding. The "new" TravelTECH stands for clear and easy access to all information and intuitive navigation. The colors and design used are a response to the trends prevailing in modern marketing. Everything has been prepared on a strong foundation of the latest technologies.

Already more than 40 employees

In order to meet the expectations of our Customers, the TravelTECH team has recently been significantly strengthened. Almost 40 people work in our Kraków office now. At the same time, we created a team of over 20 programmers operating at the location of our largest client, Senturia Tur – in Odessa.

Russian railways at TripGate

Thanks to the cooperation established with Russian UFS, the leading provider of the Russian railways, the TripGate users have the opportunity to purchase an electronic train ticket for all trains operating in Russia, CIS countries, the Baltic Sea, and for selected rail connections in Europe. TravelTECH has become a provider of Russian railways online accredited by UFS. The first customers will be able to purchase a ticket from the UFS offer via TripGate in January 2015.

The integration with TripNet

The TripGate application obtained a new provider of hotel offer. Another company, Tripnet, has joined the current selection: HotelsPro, GDS Galileo and Worldspan hotels. As a result, the TripGate application can take pride in having one of the most extensive hotel facilities offers on the market for B2B customers in Poland. Tripnet is an innovative hotel booking platform that combines in one place offers from nearly 40 global suppliers of hotels and accommodation facilities. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and solutions, it grants access to a database of over 365,000 facilities in 220 countries.

Travelport chooses the IRS

The cooperation with Travelport resulted in a reseller agreement for the IRS system. Thanks to the agreement, IRS will be directly distributed by Travelport branches in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Such extensive cooperation allows the Customers to integrate their own portals with a highly specialized ticket booking system, which is IRS, using the help and support of the Travelport employees in their countries. This integration is possible on two levels: using the so-called Iframe version in a standard graphic design or using an API solution that allows adjusting the system to the graphic identification of a given company.

Senturia in the Big Three

We are proud to announce that just a year after the start of the project, the Senturia website, operating on the very competitive Russian market, ranks 3rd in terms of sales value. This website is entirely created by the TravelTECH team at the request of the Ukrainian Customer – Senturia Tur.

TripGate – the first implementations

The TripGate brand is becoming more and more recognizable not only in Poland, but also in entire Europe. Thanks to the opinions of our Customers and Partners – the TravelTECH products are chosen more and more often from the wide range of booking systems operating within the tourism industry. Since entering the market in September 2013, TripGate has already gained 10,000 users who use our solution in their daily work.

The Sirena Travel integration

Thanks to establishing cooperation with a new partner – Sirena-Travel – the IRS booking system facilitates the use of three GDS: Worldspan, Galileo and Sirena-Travel. Thanks to the addition of another GDS system, the Customers can sell airline tickets of carriers whose offer is concentrated in the database of this system, and who come directly from the territory of the Russian Federation, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Baltic and Asian countries.

The start of the TripGate project

Listening to the voices within the industry, we made a decision to start a new project. This time, it will be a platform dedicated to corporations (corporate booking tool) supporting the process of business travel management and enabling their booking. As a rule, the platform will provide content for both global and local carriers, as well as hotels, and it will include the following modules:

  • air
  • hotel
  • car rentals
  • transfers
  • travel policies
  • travel acceptance
  • reporting
  • statistics
The cooperation with Metglobal

In cooperation with HotelsPro, we have created a new version of the hotel module. From now on, our Customers can use the extended accommodation base consisting of 95,000 hotels and 11,000 destinations in 190 countries around the world. The module allows for creating B2B and B2C accounts, entering selected terms of sale and transaction fees, and it is compatible with the flight search engine and car rental system.

We invite you to our new office

It's high time to move! The increasing number of TravelTECH employees and the desire to modernize the office made us take a step forward. From December 1, we invite all our Customers and Partners to visit us in our new headquarters located at ul. Mogilska 69A in Kraków.

Continuous development of the IRS system

The latest version of the product enables the use of two GDS – Wordspan and Galileo, i.e. a database of over 500 regular carriers and over 90 low-cost carriers. Another element of the new version of IRS, thanks to the cooperation with Gullivers Travel Associates, is the hotel module. Thanks to the partnership with CarTrawler, our customers also have access to 450 car rental networks all around the world. In addition, we have created a special administration module that allows our Customers to configure and control the entire system and all its functionalities from one place.

The rent-a-car module

The recently established cooperation with the Irish Cartrawler three months later resulted in the expansion of the IRS system with a new car rental module. Thanks to the offer of this global consolidator, our customers have the opportunity to rent a car from one of 450 rent-a-car companies in over 1,100 locations all around the world.

The integration with Worldspan

The IRS system in the latest 2.0 version enables the use of two GDS – Wordspan and Galileo, i.e. a database of over 500 regular carriers and over 90 low-cost carriers. Another element of the new version of IRS, thanks to the cooperation with Gullivers Travel Associates, is the hotel module. In addition, we have created a special administration module that allows our Customers to configure and control the entire system and all its functionalities from one place.

The GalScan mid-office system

In order to make operating the system easier, in 2010, we introduced new mechanisms enabling the issuing of documents (collective, group, individual) for not invoiced tickets. The program was made functional and easy to use, adding the possibility to manually enter and delete tickets and annotate them with comments. The latest version of the solution enables fully automatic invoicing for airline tickets printed via Galileo and Worldspan GDS.

The cooperation with Travelport

In 2009, we signed a Regional Cooperation Agreement with Travelport GDS – the owner of global distribution systems: Galileo and Worldspan GDS. The signed agreement covered the expansion of the cooperation onto the following markets: Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Romanian and the Russian one, and opened TravelTECH's access to the content and solutions offered by Worldspan GDS.

Low cost carriers in IRS

The LOW COST module allows to search for connections among over 90 low-cost airlines, and, what is more, it is fully compatible with the regular airlines module, thanks to which the list of results shows both types of available flights. The system makes it possible to display the following: flight availability, prices, links to airfare conditions, baggage fees. Thanks to this, the Customer can not only easily, thanks to extensive filters, find the desired flight that best meets their requirements, but also check all travel conditions.

The GTA hotel module

The hotel booking module was based on the GTA – Gullivers Travel Associates hotel database, which includes over 25,000 hotels in its offer. At the system design stage, we made sure (as in the case of the aviation module) that the system was as configurable, flexible and as functional as possible. Thanks to these solutions, our customers can directly decide what information and in what form will be visible at particular stages of the booking.

Rainbow Tours becomes a new shareholder

On January 4, 2008, the share sale transaction was finalized between the TravelTECH Partners. As a result, the well-known Polish tour operator and a company listed on the stock exchange, Rainbow Tours S.A., became the majority shareholder of TravelTECH. At that moment, TravelTECH became a part of a powerful capital group, which will certainly increase the trust of our Customers.

The first version of the IRS system

The Internet Reservation System version 1.0 was introduced in 2006 and immediately conquered the tourist market in Poland. A wide range of functionalities and the unusual intuitiveness of the system's operation allowed it to gain a large group of Customers in a very period short time.

The Galileo GDS integration

The online airline reservation system created by TravelTECH has been officially certified by GDS Galileo. The certification confirms the correctness of the implemented processes and the high quality of the IRS system.

TravelTECH – good morning

In 2006, TravelTECH officially started its activity. However, it is worth noting that the experience of our employees goes much further back in time, all the way back to 1999. Since 2006, we have been building and constantly improving solutions for the online travel industry. Our address is Kraków, ul. Mogilska 43 lok. 808.

Applied technologies

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