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Customization of TravelTECH systems

Customization is a neologism that means adapting, rebuilding and/or personalizing the existing IT system to your own unique vision. The first customization of its systems was started by TravelTECH in 2007, right after the distribution of the IRS booking platform. Since then, we have completed over a dozen such projects, mainly for the needs of OTA – online travel agencies.

The advantage of customization is the ability to create a unique sales website in just a few days,
without having to build the entire platform from scratch.

Usually, the starting point is one of the systems offered by TravelTECH, such as: IRS – Internet Reservation System or the agency platform - Tripbooker. Depending on the needs, the scope of customization includes:

  • only branding – replacing the logo, colors, less often the information layout,
  • changing the entire graphic design in accordance with the unique graphic design, delivered or prepared on request,
  • adding and adjusting new functionalities of of the system,
  • system integration in the Customer's IT environment.

The scope of customization determines the time of its preparation, and thus also its cost. The simplest projects requiring only a change of logo and possibly the color scheme usually take 1-3 business days. Changing the entire layout along with the preparation of the project and adapting the functionalities requires a much longer time – usually 1-1.5 months.

Are you interested in customization?

We will propose an optimal solution for your business!

Customization examples

IT Projects

The implementation of IT projects per request is one of the pillars of TravelTECH's activity. We provide not only development, but also assistance in analysis, creating documentation, implementation and maintenance. We specialize in building large systems and advanced solutions, and in using our unconventional approach.



Each Customer has their own vision of their website. Therefore, the TravelTECH systems have been prepared in a way that allows them to be adapted to the expectations of the customer. Based on proprietary solutions, we build tailor-made systems.


Ads campaigns

How do you quickly promote your own website on the Internet? How do you quickly attract customers to a new online store? The answer is Google Ads campaigns (formerly Adwords). At TravelTECH, we know how to do it effectively without "wasting your budget".


Website Development

An attractive, easy to navigate, fast and well positioned website is the best showcase of any business! We are happy to use our experience to design and implement a modern and responsive website for your company!


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